M365 dynamic groups

  • 27 May 2024
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My organisation currently has a process of deactivating exiting staff members by removing 365 licenses.

I therefore have two dynamic groups one active (which captures licensed users) and another disabled.  These two dynamic groups form the content for OneDrive for Business backups in Commvault.


Office 365 app: OneDrive_activeusers                                    Content: backup_ActiveUsers

Office 365 app: OneDrive_disabledusers                                Content: backup_disabledusers


When a user moves from one group to another Commvault seems to do a new full backup.  If this is the case, are we doubling up on the backups unnecessarily?

Thank you.

1 reply


When a user is moved from one group to another, it will not do a full backup as long as the groups are part of the content under the same Subclient.

If the user is moved to a group that is part of the conent of a different Subclient, then it runs a Full backup

Additionally, if the user is moved to a group (disabled users) the status of that user is changed to 'Deleted from content' so that it is not backed up anymore but the already backed up data is available for restore.