media agent migration and DDB

  • 11 June 2024
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I am planning to migrate the media agent and disk library to a new setup. The current media agents and disk library contain backups with a six-month retention period. If I perform an auxiliary copy to the new storage, which is connected to the new media agent, will restoring old backups become an issue? Will it require access to the deduplication database of the old media agent? Or does the deduplicated data also copy with auxiliary copy?

4 replies

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I’m not sure I’m following what you’re asking, but let me say this…

Restore jobs do NOT require access to the DDB.  The DDB is only used by Backup jobs.

You mention restoring old backups.  Are you suggesting the old “storage” is going to remain around, but the old “media agents” are going away?  Assuming this is the case, are you planning to use the new “media agents” to restore any jobs from the old “storage,” should it be necessary?


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Doing a tech refresh, old hyperscale to new hyperscale , comcell remains the same .

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@Jamshid From what I understood, you have old storage connected to old MA. It has few jobs.

Now you have new storage connected to new MA. As you mentioned, you want to move jobs to the new storage. So yes, configuring a secondary copy using the new storage / new MA and then running auxCopy jobs would help in this case.

Once the auxcopy has completed, it does not need any DDB access from the old storage/MA. Data when copied from old copy to new copy will be unraveled and copied over to the new copy.

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Thank you Scott Moseman and Abhishek Narulkar .