Move job data from disk library to another disk library

  • 2 February 2022
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Hi All,


 I want to move specific job data from its media to another disk library like staging in Networker , how can I do that in Commvault ?


Best answer by Sean Crifasi 2 February 2022, 15:29

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3 replies

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Hi @Marwa,


Can you clarify if you’re looking to Move (migrate) to another Storage Library, or simply create another copy of the Data here?

-Is this for Specific Jobs or for all Jobs/Data on the Library here?


Best Regards,


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Hi @MichaelCapon ,


   I am looking to move or migrate to another storage library ,  and this is for specific jobs only .


Thanks ,


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The easiest way to accomplish this would be with a new storage policy copy writing to the new storage location.


After the copy is created you can right click on the new copy > view > jobs > advanced > select ‘jobs that will not be copied’ and click ok to view all jobs. 

From this view you can now select the desired jobs then right click > pick for copy

Run an aux copy to copy the jobs to this location, and ensure that this is associated to the aux copy schedule for future jobs to be copied as well.