On Prem Aux copy to S3?

  • 23 June 2021
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We are looking into adding an additional layer of offsite backup storage. Amazon S3. The current idea would be add a 3rd copy to an existing storage policy. This copy would reflect the AWS S3 library. Can I Aux copy on premise backup data using physical on premise media agents directly to S3


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you


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6 replies

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You can do that.  One thing I would consider is setting up a Media Agent in the cloud to handle restore, etc. to cut down on egress costs if you ever need to do a reconstruction or something similar.

this is even more useful if the restore data is going to a cloud server…..then the data stays in the cloud the entire time.

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You can. Nowadays the best advantage of using a MediaAgent in AWS is so you can create deduped WORM copies without having to do an effective full each time the dedupe store is sealed.

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Thank you for the info. It’s appreciated. So a quick follow up. The only way to copy deduped data is with a cloud MA and not an on prem MA, correct?

Is there an advantage of using WORM copies as opposed to S3 object locking?

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You can use on-prem MA with DDB and S3 bucket with Object Lock to achieve WORM copies.

I recommend you to read an architecture guide for AWS:

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There is nothing is stopping you from using an on premises MA to dedupe to s3-ia/glacier.  For deduplication follow the guide here but note that it requires dedupe sealing and this increases the storage consumption.

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HI @Kevin O'Neill 

All provided answers are correct.

Also, question yourself about the use of this 3rd copy to Amazon S3. What would it be used for ?

In case of a crypto or failure of your on-premise MAs ? Then OK, but you’d need to setup some MAs to access the backup data from your S3 bucket. So, it would probably be better in that case to have one or more MAs in AWS, to speed up your RTO, and for all mentionned reasons.

And if not already done, but this is a bit off-topic, consider to have some CommserveDR with LiveSync in the Cloud also. Commserve is so vital in such case, you wouldn’t like it to be affected by your on-premise issue..