Oracle Archive Log Backups per the retention of the storage copy policy.

  • 9 January 2023
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Oracle Archive Log Backups are backed up to a storage policy.  The primary copy’s retention is configured for 30 days with 0 cycles.  The Data Retention Forecast and Compliance Report shows the Archive log is required by the RMAN Full backup which has been aux copied from a primary copy (Disk Library) to a secondary copy (Tape Library).  The Secondary Copy retention is 7 years.


I would like for the Log Backup on Disk to follow the primary copy retention of 30 days and expire once 30 days have been met, however it is not expiring since itis required by the Full backup on tape with the longer retention.


I had a similar issue with SQL backups where the log backups were not expiring because the log backups were required for the SQL full that had been aux copy to tape with a long 7 year retention.  The setting to correct this behavior is under Storage → Media Management Configuration → Data Aging → and disabling <Honor SQL Chaining for Full jobs on Selective copy>.

Does anyone know if there is a similar setting for Oracle Archive log backups?


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Good morning.  You will need to run a selective online subclient with a selective copy to use extended retention for Oracle jobs.  Oracle logs are retained based on the log chain, if you are using a regular subclient, then all of the logs will be retained until the full is aged.  There is no option similar to what you used for SQL job retention.  See this resource for details: