Preferred restore location: Recovery data from azure cloud library

  • 24 February 2021
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Hi There!


I have Vmware vm backed up on-premises and auxiliary copy to Azure cloud library. When I try recovery a VMs that I supposed already transferred data to azure, I’m able to see bandwidth on firewall ports increase. So I think this scenario report a local data recovery to azure.

I’d like to recovery data that already on azure cloud ( that was transfer by auxiliary copy).


Someone could hep me with this steps?



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7 replies

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Have you checked the copy precedence of the restore you are running to make sure it’s pointing to the other copy?

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@NelsonBalbo , how are you initiating the restore?  Are you browsing the client or browsing jobs on the Aux Copy directly?

You likely have Copy Precedence set to the local copy:

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Thanks @Mike Struening and @Aplynx 


@Aplynx I didn’t check the copy precedence of the restore…


@Mike Struening, I’m initiating the restore by browsing vmware client. I will check the copy precedence of the restore…


 I will try and post the results! Thank so much!!!

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Great, thanks!

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@NelsonBalbo , any luck on the Copy Precedence?

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Hi @Mike Struening and @Aplynx,


after apply your recommendation “copy Precedence”, job restore not consume firewall bandwidth!


Thanks for all!!!

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Happy to have helped.  Thanks again for posting on our community.  Looking forward to your continued membership and contributions!