Problem with Tape Library

  • 30 May 2022
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we use an “Fujitsu Eternus LT S2 10” with our commserve and till we change the StorrageLibrary it works good. But now we get this Message and I doesn’t find the right setting to activate the tape-Library.  We use  11.25.23

Can you help me ?


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4 replies

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To make sure I understood well, this tape library has been replaced by a same one, on the same ntbackup4 server ?

If so, has it been done hot, without rescan, or reboot after the operation ?

If it’s the case, maybe the SCSI ID has changed between the 2.

You could also go to Expert Storage Configuration, select that MA, and try to configure/reconfigure/detect, depending on what you see (and your level of trust / knowledge of that part 😉), else don’t go too far or you could have to reconfigure many things.. 😄

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Thank you for your prompt reply. No, it's an existing tape library. According to my colleague, a new storage system was used and the tape library was only technically connected to the network with a "little leg". I suspect this is the problem.
Can I also activate the "Solid Stade" manually?



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We’ve succeded the problem, it was an network connect problem. Now it run.

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Thanks for the update, @MNCHR !