pruning is disabled on MA

  • 7 November 2023
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my backup storage has filled up rather quickly. I set up a blackout window for pruning after aging some of the older backups but, the SIDBPrune.log shows “12724 34c8  11/07 15:08:01 ### PRNCTLR StartPrunerThreads:4536 Not starting any pruning threads as pruning is disabled on MA” . I believe i have enabled it in every place i could find. could anyone provide me a list or point me to an article showing all the locations this could be enabled/disabled from?


Thank you

2 replies

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Thanks for reaching out for assistance here.

You can check that pruning is enabled by following the 2 document links below:

If there is still an issue thereafter may I please recommend you raise a case with our Support so we can review and assist accordingly.

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Please also check if the option “Enable pruning of aged data” is enabled on the mountpath. Follow this doc link