Pruning Performance

  • 1 June 2021
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Started a pruning job (DDB → All Tasks). 

Checked the Logs on the MA, pruning is running.

Checked the Ressource Monitor - CPU is low, Memory is low, Disk usage is low.


So can i increase the pruning performance?


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Since FR16 the pruning ratios are adjusted Automatically, before FR16 we had the key: MMPruneprocessInterval to adjust  the interval in time between pruning batches,

Since we have move to auto tune that can no longer be configured 

Changes in FR16


*Auto tuning will happen for the prune interval and the batch count for deduplicated data and non deduplicated data pruning based on the backlog in pruning.
*Previously MMPruneprocessIntervalMin additional setting was configured to determine the minimum time period between processing the physical pruning logic in MediaManager service


In current releases you can adjust the Deduplication pruning batch size, by increased the count under Control Panel → Media Management → Deduplication TAB 

Media Management Configuration: Deduplication


Deduplication pruning batch size
Definition: Specifies the number of job records that can be sent in a batch for deduplication pruning from the CommServe to the MediaAgent.

Default Value: 1000
Range: 0 to 10,0000