replication group to dell powerscale

  • 19 August 2022
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Looking to start a replication group from a VM and default backupset to a mount path on a dell powerscale. Going forward this volume will be san hosted instead of mounted via a server. Upon looking at the config- i dont see an option. Im away replication groups are agent to agent. I thought about makign a library with the location- but even that doenst allow. 


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3 replies

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Am I interpreting correctly that you want to replicate the VM files from a hypervisor (backup) to a non-hypervisor related storage location?

If so, the replication group is only capable (as far as I know) to replicate between the same environment types.

hypervisor to hypervisor
file agent to file agent
database to database 


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You were correct, and I thought the same thing as I stated : Im aware the replication is agent to agent” 

I just wanted to see if anyone has hacked their way through this. 

No worries. Thanks for clarifying my thoughts. 

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You could restore a VM periodically to a client with a virtual server agent and a file system agent.

Then either:

  • backup the vm files with the file system agent and then replicate them to an agent on the dell server. Or,
  • When restored use something like robocopy to transfer them to the dell machine