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  • 19 February 2024
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Hello, I’d like to use a SAN data server to present the several LUNs, coming from SAN storage, to two different MediaAgent.

The question is: on SAN data server, have I to use LVM, to create volume group, logical volume and lhe filesystem, to group these LUNs and then share the mount path to the Media Agents?

If so, I think there is a filesystem size limit that cannot be exceeded for a single volume and consequently the corresponding mount path configured on the SAN data server and shared to the Media Agents.

Another question: could I configure one of the two media agents as a san data server?

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3 replies

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Hi Ivan,


You can use LVM to group or you could just leave them ungrouped. Commvault supports multiple mount paths per library. You just need to get them mounted on the OS and formatted for Commvault to work with them.


For the second question, if the LUNs can be exposed directly to the MAs, then there is no need for a SAN data server at all.. just point Commvault to their mount location on the MA when creating the mount paths.


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Thanks for your answer.

The purpose of assigning the SAN Data server role to one of the Media Agents and not installing an additional dedicated SAN Data Server, would be to configure the LUNs locally on the Media Agent and share the mount paths with other media agents, which have configured HBAs, via DATA Server - FC transport type..
If this were possible, could I share the mount paths in RW or would I risk data corruption?

Many thanks

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Yes it will work and you can use read/write safely.