Settings for Archiver data Retention

  • 7 March 2023
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I am attempting to replicate an existing Storage Policy with some differences associated with Media Agents for the copies. There is a existing setting called Archiver data Retention with a setting of 63 days for certain copies, but looking at the Copy properties for Retention, I am unable to find that setting.

As a result, in my replicated Storage Policy, the default Archiver data Retention value is Infinite.

Do you know how to set the settings for  Archiver data Retention?




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2 replies

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Which types of archiver agents do you have in use? I only ask as archiver retention is a legacy concept now and most agents have moved away from honoring the storage policy setting in favor of object retention configured on the subclient.

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The clients are Exchange servers and the setup has been there for at least three years.


If it’s confirmed that Archiver data Retention is now a legacy feature, then this issue can be resolved.