Slow Tape to Disk

  • 19 January 2022
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We were testing a small (200MB) backup and restore to tape and back to disk. Backup takes < 8 minutes however restore takes 3 hours. It appears that after making contact with the index server the restore is waiting almost three hours before mounting the first tape. Transfer from tape to disk actually take a few minutes. Any idea why it can take so long to mount the first tape?


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2 replies

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Hi @sparta , thanks for the post (and welcome)!

Could be a few reasons, though we need to get some more context.

Was anything else writing to the library when you kicked off the restore?  What about the tape that was utilized?

How many streams do you have configured for the Storage Policy and the Tape Copy?

What about Device streams for the Media Agent?

Did you see any messages in the job details at this time indicating the reason for the wait?

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@sparta , following up on this one.  Did you get any resolution based on my questions?