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  • 2 November 2022
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Hi team.

I have a question about data verification on sec tape copy: How to exclude a specific tape from the data verification process ? Or how to address problems as below:

My setup is simple - primary copy on disk lib and secondary copy to LTO. Both copies are verified.

From time to time I see a tape that generates a lot of CRC errors during data verification. The verification process takes a long time blocking tape drive and is either completed or sometimes stuck. After that, dozens of jobs on the tape have the partial verification status. Next scheduled verification process repeated with the same results.
What surprises me even if the tape exceeds the threshold of w/r errors and has the condition status of “bad” - it is still subject to verification. Why such verification should not finish for some jobs as failed and that’s it. I have such a nasty tape quite often and then a lot of problems. Manually checking and excluding from verification dozens of jobs on tape is practically impossible.

What do you advise ?

I prefer not to delete at all that kind of tape because it contains often only one copy of data.

The re-copy option does not always work because often there are no jobs on source primary copy (they are expired to short primary retention). 



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@jps666 , I don’t see any way to exclude a tape.  In theory, if it’s a bad media it should be removed from use.

However, I have another suggestion:

Can you perform a Media Refresh to move everything from the bad tapes to new tapes?