Tape Full and refresh media

  • 21 April 2022
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i have more tape mark FULL, but if I see the contents, tape have more data expired and only 3gb not expired!

It’s correct that tape remains FULL until everything data has expired?

I can work around the problem configuring Media refresh? if this is solution i see on my copy of storage policy and the flag on tag media “Enable media refresh” are greyed out!!



Best answer by Jos Meijer 21 April 2022, 12:46

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3 replies

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Depending on your tape strategy you can also set the Appendable configuration to a higher amount of days. The appendable setting defines how long since the last write time will be able to add additional data to the tape. If this amount of days has been passed the tape will only become available again after all data has been aged and the tape has been returned to the scratch pool.

This will however mix data sets on tape which could create a cloudy overview if you want to transfer specific tape sets in a vault or something.

To adjust: go to Storage Resources - Libraries - right click the tape library - properties - media tab - Configure Mark Media Appendable based on your preferences.


Regarding the grayed out media refresh, you probably have a Global Secondary Copy. If this is the case go to Storage Resources - Storage Pools - Right click: Tape library storage pool - Properties - Storage Pool Copy - Media Tab - configure media refresh


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Thanks Jos..on library proprieties i have set 14 Day

but this tape, he doesn't want to know

this strategy if work correctly, resolve my problem…. 

for the greyed out it’s correct, in this way work… but the function of media refresh it’s correct move data from tape and make a tape empty?

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For this specific tape you might need to make it appendable manually:

Go to the tape library - Media by Groups - Assigned Media - Right click tape - Options - Mark Appendable

My guess is that when tapes are marked as full they won’t become appendable anymore unless manually changed, all newly written tapes will get the new appendable setting.

Please note that if an other tape is being written to for a storage policy, first it will fill this tape and then select other tapes again. It will not stop using this tape and select your appendable tape in between.


Regarding making the tape empty after media refresh, yes if you perform this action after the media refresh:

Quote: “After the job is completed successfully, run the data aging job to recycle media that was selected for refresh.”