The path doesn’t have sufficient space to perform a DDB backup

  • 27 September 2022
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I have installed Linux MA with RHEL 8 OS and attached a 2.9TB NVMe Disk  formatted using LVM and divided In equally into two partitions (1.4TB for each one ) when trying to add storage pool and specify DDB path I get an error (The path doesn’t have sufficient space to perform a DDB backup) although no data written yet 

NVMe Partition with no data 



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3 replies

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Hope this helps 🙂

Contains info related to creating the DDB partition, but also reflects on DDB backup failing 

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Hope this helps 🙂


I already know that KB but I don’t get it when the format of the NVMe disk makes unallocated space around 50 GB 

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There needs to be a free number of extends in the Volume Group where the DDB Logical Volume is created.

As the KB and documentation suggests leave about 15% free capacity in the Volume Group.

Disk = 100GB

Volume Group= 99GB

Logical Volume = 85GB


Hope that helps.