The real cost of AWS Glacier Deep Archive

  • 25 February 2021
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I’ve been trying to figure out what my costs would be if I discontinued my off-site backup service (they physically come and take the tapes to an off-site location) and moved to S3 Glacier Deep Archive.

We maintain on-premise backups as well, and in the past 20 years, we’ve never had to do a restore from off-site tapes -- so I’m definitely not concerned at all for that “100 year” event.

The pricing of GDA is straightforward.. data lives (or, is billed) at a minimum of 6 months at $1/TB, but then there are also costs for PUTs and GETs (currently $0.05 per 1000).  I’m very unsure how many requests I would consume per month when uploading data to the cloud.

Trying to sell my boss on this.. but need an idea of how GETs/PUTs work in Commvault.


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4 replies

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I’ll answer my own question here.   PUT/GET information is found on page 47 of the Public Cloud Architecture Guide for AWS.    It basically says that these charges are to enforce good API behavior and are negligible.  e.g. 10 cents per TB.

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Hi @Rob Carsey thanks for the question… and the answer.

Please let me know if this fully answers your question (or if you have any follow ups) so I can go ahead and mark your update as Best answer.



Get yourself a few TB of that storage, designate it as a cloud library, and let it go for a month or two.   See what the bill looks like.  I’ve been considering a move to Cloud for offsite, too.   Speeds and feeds are more of a concern for me, as well as some opposition from Security/Audit team.  

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If this is

  1. a total replacement for Tape
  2. and you have classically taken a Full on to Tape at the end of Month and sent that Full off site (eg 100TB on Tape each Month/Compressed to say 50TB = 84 Fulls for a 7 Year period)

Then attempting to do the same thing with AWS ‘may’ result in you

  1. Possibly storing 50-60-70TB over a 6 month period
    1. ie you might get lucky and be able to store 6 months of Fulls in 70TB
  2. But you’ll need to seal that every 6 months - ie 2 x per annum
  3. For a 7 year compliance retention requirement, you will need to do that 14 times
    1. ie You might end up with 14 x 70TB = 980TB
      1. to achieve 7 Years of end of Month retention

The numbers above are to give you a ‘flow’ for the calculations that are needed