Two libraries, one S3 bucket

  • 24 April 2024
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I have two sets of media agents, each handling completely seperate sets of backup data.

Each set of data has the same storage requirements.

I want to use a single S3 bucket but have two libraries/storage pools, so the DDBs stay with each seperate media agent set.

So, can the same S3 bucket be referenced by multiple Commvault libraries?

As my bucket is object locked I’d like to find out more before I make any connections to it.



2 replies

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Hello @Yuggyuy ,

Yes, you can create different storage pools within Commvault that can write to the same storage bucket. The separate storage pool/library would create its own subfolder on the S3 bucket and Commvault will manage the data separately.

Thank you,
Swati Himmatramka


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@Yuggyuy, can you explain why we are looking for seperate DDBs? Having a single storage pool with the object locked S3 bucket is advisable instead of multiple storage pools.