Where did the tapes go when I deconfigured my Tape Library?

  • 8 January 2021
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One of my colleagues deconfigured a Tape Library and now we can’t find the associated tapes.  Where did they go?  We need to get the barcode numbers and potentially move them to the new library. 


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Happy to help you!  Often customers deconfigure Tape Libraries by accident, whether this be due to trouble shooting or creating a new Tape Library it leaves them worried about their Tape Media. 

  1. When you deconfigure a Tape Library all associated media will be moved to the Orphan Media group: 



  1. Once here it will wait until that Barcode is detected in another Library. 

  1. Once detected it will be assigned to that new Library and you will see it in Assigned Media: 




Additionally scratch / aged tapes that will be deleted during deconfiguring unless option “Retain scratch media information when deconfiguring library” is enabled.