WORM Storage lock with datadomain

  • 31 May 2023
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we are running 11.30 and we want to start testing WORM Storage capabilities on our Datadomain. We have configured the retention-lock feature on Datadomain and activated the WORM Storage Lock on Commvault through the CommandCenter

Talking to the Dell specialist, he has told us that there is a config that could affect on Commvault, the “automatic-lock-delay” value. That´s the time that the file remains “opened” while are being written on the DD by the backup aplication (in this case, Commvault), until it confirms the file closure and the it locks the file with the retention set before. As we don´t know how much time does CV need, we have set it to 120min on the DD

Has any of you any experience with WORM on Datadomain in Commvault? Do you know how much time does Commvault keeps the files open on DD until are closed?


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Looking at some previous cases, 120min seems to be OK. The trick is ensuring the storage lock retention on DD matches the storage policy retention.

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we have tested with 11.30.46 but the tests are not coherent with DataDomain. We will wait to 11.32 version which has support for ddBoost officially; maybe the documentation available will be improved