PowerShell Restore-CVSQLDatabase questions

  • 2 September 2021
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We're running Commserver 11.22.9.

I have a couple of quick question regarding the Restore-CVSQLDatabase PowerShell module.

The command I'm testing is as follows (with parameters provided by caller)...

$RestoreObject = Get-CVSQLDatabase –ClientName $SourceClient -InstanceName $SourceInstance -Name $SourceDBName  | 
            Restore-CVSQLDatabase -OutofPlace –OverwriteExisting -DestClientName $DestClient -DestInstanceName $DestInstance -DestDatabaseName $DestDBName -DataFilePath $DestDatafilePath -LogFilePath $DestLogFilePath -Force

Is documentation available that covers all available parameters? The doc site does not cover most of the parameters above. 

Is there a parameter providing for changing the physical datafile name and the physical logfile name? This functionality is available through the CV Command Center.

Thanks for any help.

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Thanks for the question, the only other documentation links we have for this would be:


Which you can get to via


But I have checked and I do not see any other parameters documented other than what is on the doc link you shared.


The other thing I did was ran this command from the client you are running the powershell commands from hoping to get a more detailed parameter listing:


get-help Restore-CVSQLDatabase -full


This lists all the parameters available but again this does not include the ones you are using.


I found an internal thread in a past case where development was consulted in June of this year and they advised that the Restore-CVSQLDatabase cmdlet does not allow you to modify the file names only the paths, but I also would like to understand where -DataFilePath and -LogFilePath are documented as valid parameters.


There are 2 options moving forward:

The first:

If not urgent you can submit feedback using that doc link you provided, on the side you will see a speech bubble. You can provide your email address and your question there. The documentation team should liaise with our development team when they can and come back to you.


The Second:

Log a support case and ask the question, and if support are not able to provide an answer we can escalate to development to get you an answer in a timely manner.


Hope the above helps, sorry I could not provide a solution.




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@CraigU hope you’re well!

Just wanted to see how you went here?