if am taking application aware vm backup do i need to take database backup commvault

  • 12 April 2023
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if am taking application aware vm backup do i need to take database backup commvault

5 replies

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Please maybe first define which DB backup You are performed. To add more details to the case. 



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sql, oracle 

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Hi @jaleef 

SQL and Oracle are supported within Application Aware backups when the following requirements are met:

You are not required to perform separate agent based backups if this method is in place, except log backup which is configured by the Application Aware procedure when an application such as SQL is detected.

Restores can be performed via an agent, based on the data acquired via the Application Aware backup.

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Thank you @Jos Meijer 

okay , but what if i am taking vm backup once in a day , i was taking database backup every 8 hours previously,

now i need to change the vm backup schedule to every 8 hours ?

and as per the document , workflow changes the storage policy for existing agent based backup  ,so if i have different retention set for the db backup will it change it to vm storage policy



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Hi @jaleef 

If you want to backup the databases more then once a day, yes you would trigger multiple VM backups a day. I would personally not make it more complex then necessary.

If your applications have the same RPO requirements as the VM's you can use Application Aware VM backup. I still wouldn’t due to added layers of complexity in the solution looking at:

  • the additional port requirements needed for automatic agent deployments
  • additional proces layers which are introduced by Workflows
  • data being encapsulated in the VM backup instead of a native application backup method

Unless you either have a VM snap only situation and/or want to limit impact on dedup/disk usage due to reduction in block types/alignment. It's easier to maintain a high dedup factor with one data type such as VM's then to combine it with DB backups for example which can have different compression settings and so on. But maybe this is to much focus on details.

Going back to the subject, if you have a different RPO for VM's and applications I wouldn't use Application Aware VM backup and just make a VM backup once a day and make multiple backups on application level using the agent.

Hope this helps.