calculation of storage size for backup per vm (virtual Server)

  • 19 April 2024
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Today I back up my environment with volume licenses, now I will use vm package licenses.
With this I will change my backup mode from file system to virtual Server.

Will my backup volume change?
Is there any calculation to size the storage size of my backup in Virtual Server mode?

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Hi Rafael,

Virtual Server Agent uses guest size to calculate the capacity.

  • Guest size - The guest size is determined by comparing the following calculations, and using the smallest amount as the guest size for the VM's capacity usage.

    • Allocated size

    • Logical Volume Manager (LVM) processing size

    • Provisioned size

    • New VMs discovered as part of an incremental backup job

    • VMware Tools size

    • Full or synthetic full backup size

You can find some examples that will help here: Size Measures for Virtual Machines ( 


Hope this helps!