Convert VMware to Azure VM D: Drive Issues

  • 14 February 2023
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Good day community!

Maybe one of you encountered the issue and know how to resolve.

We have a customer with VMware VMs that are backed up and that we need to restore as Azure VMs.

But here is the problem. The customer VMware VMs have D: drives with data. When they are converted to Azure VMz, it fails, since Azure adds a D: drive to the VMs with the Windows pagefile on it. 

It does not seem like we can change the drive letter for those pagefile drives, but we can’t also change the drive letter on the VMware VMs since apps are referring to that drive letter. 


Anyone encountered this and have an answer?

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Carl,


When you say “it fails” when converting to Azure VMs, does the restore job fail? Or do you mean the drive letter D is occupied by the Azure VM as the temp disk?


The expected behaviour is, at least the restore job completes (without any error), then when you turn on the Azure VM, it only has the C drive initialized, and D drive is used by Temp storage.


Then you would need to change the D drive as a data disk:


If the restore job itself fails, could you log a support case, please?


Thank you for your time.


Kind regards,

Jiye Lee


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You are correct, it does restore, but it kinda fails the DR test the customer was doing as it is not mapped to the right drive.

But I did not find that link you sent yesterday doing my quick research on the issue. I guess it is the missing piece.


Thanks much!!!