Get VM snapshot size from backup jobs

  • 22 February 2021
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I need to know the snapshot size from all my vmware clients across all backupsets and subclients in a single report. I will analyze how many free space I need on vmware datastores while backup is running.

I see the info on job details, but it would be easier if I have an own report for that in a single view.

I tried the powershell module with Get-CVJobDetails, but in the output the snapshot size is missing.

Any idea?


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Hi CLiX,

VM snapshots are small files when they get created and will grow as writes are made to the VM's disk files. During a backup, snapshot gets created ad IO will be redirected to the snapshot. Now Commvault will go and read the original disk for the backup. 

Depending on the IO on the VM and how long backup takes snapshot size may vary each time.

Don’t think we have a built-in report on snapshot size.

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Hi CLiX,

Assume that this is what you’re after for each VM backup job:

  • Snapshot Size (VMware): The size of the snapshot that was taken for the VM, which includes the aggregated sizes of all delta disk files that are created while the backup was in progress.

The information is within the App_VMProp table so one approach is that you can grab from there and join with existing backup reports/datasets to get additional detail you need.

WHERE attrName = 'vmSnapshotSize'
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As @Alireza B stated, the snapshot size grows when the VM writes data, so it's continuously growing. I’m not sure when Commvault captures the size (hopefully on snap delete to figure out the rough maximum), but I’d definitely recommend cross-referencing the size the data store grew to using standard vCenter charts too.

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Thank you very much for these info. :thumbsup:


I will try to get a report with the sql statement from @bish.