Media Agent on Azure Cloud not available as Proxy while restoring a VM

  • 2 March 2023
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we are currently trying to restore a VM over a Media Agent sitting in a Azure cloud. The Media Agent sitting in the cloud has the VSA installed but can not be selected as Proxy Client in the “Restore VM” window. I was reading threw documentations and found this: Managing Proxies (

the important part: Any machine where the VSA is installed can act as a VSA proxy

Am I missing some settings?




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2 replies

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For troubleshooting try add the proxy under the virtualization client (go to the properties of the Azure virtualization client and see if you can add it there).

For some hypervisors it detects where it is located and wont show the proxy if it does not match the source VM. For example, it wont show a VSA proxy running in AWS when restoring an Azure VM. I’m wondering if the detection is not working correctly for some reason.

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Hi Damian,

I just got off the call with the CV-support and we found the problem.

I didn’t check if the MA was added as Access Node for the Azure Cloud instance. After adding it, we were able to pick the right MA as proxy and completed the backup successfully.

Thanks for your help!