Mount Points not being backed

  • 24 August 2023
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I am trying to investigate an issue going on in our environment where a stakeholder is asking us to audit our environment and what is being backed up. I am starting to look into their servers and notice on a couple of servers in the most recent full  and see several mount points are listed but some of the mount points show no data, this is what I was suspecting. However, some of the mount points are showing data and it appears that it was able to backup the data in this mount point. Looking into why Commvault was able to backup some mount points but not others?  Does it matter what type of protocol the storage array is  using  - CIFS or NFS to be able to be backed up?


Thanks for any info or documentation you can provide


2 replies

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Hi @Cody 


Could you kindly furnish additional details regarding the backup approach being utilized? This could encompass a range of methodologies such as filesystem backups, network share backups, Intellisnap-based backups, block-level backups, or possibly leveraging Virtual Server Agent (VSA) functionalities.


Also, we need to know the filesystem types of the incomplete backup mount paths and the subclient content configuration.




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Are some of the Mount Points defined as Subclient content?

IIRC, we don’t follow mount points for backups unless defined as content.

#1- Content: /
#2- Content: /mnt/path

I believe #1 will -not- backup /mnt/path, but #2 will back it up.

You would not want mount points protected by default.  Imagine if you have a 1PB /home share which you used as a mount point across 100 clients?  You would be protecting 100PB worth of /home.