VADP backup takes a long time when manually created snapshot already exist

  • 21 November 2022
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We've noticed that when snapshot exist on VM we have performance issue. Backup of VM which normally takes 5 minutes  could takes more than 5 hours. Sometimes it can takes 24 h and failed. 

When we have changed transport mode from SAN/Hot Add to NDB then backup takes 10 minutes. 

Is that normal when other manually created snapshot already exist? Is it limitation of VADP API?  Is there any recommendation and best practices for VADP backup?




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2 replies

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Hello Lukasz,

We would need the logs to see exactly where it takes long (if it's incremental backup, whether or not cbt is used) but vmware recommends not to use a snapshot for more than 72 hours

I would recommend a Low Sev Support case to get the exact cause to the slowness you are experiencing.


Happy to help anytime!

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Hello, Does this happen with all the VMs in the environment? Was the snapshot created before enabling ChangeTracking? Check on the VDDK logs to know more.