VCSA Backip failed - VDDK version too low

  • 29 July 2021
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Hallo CV community,


recently we got this error while using the SAN transport mode with auto scheduled jobs.

Failure Reason:

·  ERROR CODE [72:106]: VDDK Version 6.5 is required to back up virtual machines on hosts running ESX 6.5 using SAN mode. The VDDK will be auto updated on the next attempt.

We are using

VMware vCenter Server




Any ideas regarding this issues.




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7 replies

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Hi @Philipp !

What’s your current Commvault version ?

Then check through this link for the VDDK / VCenter server version VS Commvault



If your VCenter is in v7, are the ESXs hosts also in the same version, or stil in older version? 

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HI Philipp,

Also, check on the VSA Proxy(ies) you do not have the below registry key configured at a lower version:


Best Regards,


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Hi Seb,

thanks - i checked that - it was not Enabled but i removed that key right now.

Also i disabled the last key in this picture regarding the vStorageTransportMode.

Best regards



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Hi @Laurent 

If your VCenter is in v7, are the ESXs hosts also in the same version, or stil in older version? 
→ All ESXi Hosts are 6.5 latested version

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Commvault should auto-select the correct version of VDDK depending on the vCenter version you are connecting to. Does the VSA proxy have the correct feature release version on it? almost sounds like it was an older install which has not been patched.

Also, check the registry of the client itself, just in case some legacy / manually input keys are still around.

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CommVault Systems\Galaxy\Instance001\VirtualServer


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All machine were backup successfully - after the themselves the VDDK version.
Seams to be OK right now. 


Thanks all for your reply's.





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