VM Replication - (Periodic Classic)

  • 22 August 2022
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Hey all,

I am looking at configuring Periodic Classic Replication for some VM’s running on VMware Vcenter 7.0.2.  Essentially I would like to run a replication job post backup from Cluster A to Cluster B in different locations.

When Configuring through Command Center, selecting the VCenter and then selecting  ‘Actions’ on the VM Group and clicking ‘Configure Replication’ it takes me to the ‘Configure replication group’ page that states ‘There are no virtual machines available for replication. Please select another hypervisor or VM group.’

I am unable to select any VM’s to add at this point.  

The VM’s in this group are:

  • Backed up and in schedule
  • The VM Group uses a Tag in VMware to flag it for backup in the subclient
  • The Destination is another cluster (in another site) in the same VCenter (though not got as far as selecting a destination)
  • Streaming backups used for Primary Backup (No Hardware Snap)
  • Version is 11.25.19
  • Both Clusters have access to backup data MA and Storage
  • VCenter is online and VM’s in Cluster can be browsed through Commvault 

Is there any known reason I am missing why the Virtual Machines are not available for replication based on provided information?


If I can provide further information please let me know.




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Thanks for the post @G.lee !

For everyone else reading, here’s the link for the Classic Replication feature:

Can you confirm you covered all of the pre-reqs listed here:

If you have, then I’ll tag in some other folks to chime in.