How to reach the Commvault Community Team

  • 11 April 2024
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Tried opening the following post

Received the following message while trying to open the thread. 


The message states to contact the Commvault Community team, but I do not know how/where…..


4 replies

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Hello @Onno van den Berg 

Thanks for the great question, how did you get this link?
It leads to a internal section of community used for Commvault employees only.

Kind regards

Albert Williams

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Hi @Onno van den Berg you’ve come to the right place to reach the team about general community Qs, or you can send a DM, either way. Yes, let us know where you came across this link but also consider posting a new topic if you have a related question or suggestion. Thanks!

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@Albert Williams the link was visible in the “Newest topic” list.

@Jennifer Kelley I know, but there is no link/reference anywhere on the community site how to reach the Commvault Community team.

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Here’s another link that lands on that page: