Postgres Backup and restore workflow

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I would like having a workflow for backing up Postgresql databases and restore a subset to another Postgresql client and instance by using DumpBasedBackupSet.

So I started editing a clone of the “Demo_FileSystemBackupRestore”-workflow.

I was able to change the “Backup” and “Restore” task to Postgres in ‘dataAgent’ and giving the instances.

What I wonder: the field “instance” is of type String - isn’t there a way to fill this field automatically with all the instances of a given client? For we have Postgresql-clusters with several instances running …

But where I am definitely stuck is at selecting the database to restore, neither Backup nor Restore include a field for specifying subsets of backuped data.

Any hint to put me on the right track is very welcomed.


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Go to run a backup or restore of your postgres subclient - rather than executing the job, use the “save as script” option. This will be the XML you need to replicate swapping out or modifying the FS backup / restore with postgres.

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In the meantime I had a call on another matter with CV support - he confirmed, that the predefined activities “Backup” and “Restore” are not suitable for Postgresql, at least not for what I intended to accomplish.

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@Damian Andre 

Thank you for the hint with the script. 

Unfortunately I am a total newbie to workflows - though I am using and managing our CV environment for some years now…

So I failed to swap out the predefined activity “restore” with just the XML or creating a custom activity - too little is my understanding of the workflow-designer.

Seems to be time for an online academy or teacher-led course …