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  • 2 October 2023
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I’m curious if anyone has encountered the issue of decoding the status codes for vms and other api endpoints for protection status. 


For example:

"vmStatus": 1


I know these typically are 1-6 but could commvault support provide a mapping for each of these to help us determine what this means for protection status? Also, if it differs for vm clients to db clients, what should I expect from those as well?


PS - I did see this topic /webconsole/api/v2/MediaAgents status and offlineReason codes and it was close to what I was looking for but this was for MediaAgents where I’m specifically concerned with VMs and DBs

1 reply

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@Aaron Brockmeyer 

Hi Aaron Please find the status codes for the VM in API.

  • 0, All


  • 1, Protected


  • 2, Not Protected


  • 3, Pending


  • 4, Backed up with error


  • 5, Discovered


6: Failed

7: Protected (warning)