Enable File Indexing on Hyperscale X

  • 12 January 2022
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I have deployed a Hyperscale X with 4 N24 nodes and in Command Center there is a toggel to enable File Indexing for VMware backups. If I read the documentation correct, toggle this switch will automatically deploy the Index Store package to one of the Media Agents associated with the Plan. 

At the same time there is a recommendation to setup a separate MA as Index Server and not to use the main Media Agents (in this case the HS-X nodes) 

I’m having difficulties to find the best practice and sizing guidelines for this setup. I would want to avoid installing a bunch of separate Media Agents and use the Hyperscale for this if supported. 

What is supported/recommended and best practice? 




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That’s an interesting question/scenario, though I expect nothing less from you :nerd:   

So essentially, all you have are the Hyperscale nodes, so toggling the feature will have to use an HSX node for this (because that’s all that is there) but it’s not recommended, though you want to do it (and confirm it will be acceptable); is that about right?

I have a few people I can talk to, though my initial thought is that this has to be supported for HSX based solely on the use case purpose of HSX to be an all you need storage solution.

Let me reach out to some people to get an answer (and get this documented).

Thanks, @Patrik !

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Thanks Mike, 

You understand my question correct :relaxed: 

In this setup the HSX nodes are alos VSA AccessNodes using SAN Transport mode. BAcking up Oracle and MSSQL with streaming backup and iDAs. 

So this is a solution with only HSX and Virtual Commserves in a LiveSync setup. No other Access Nodes or additional components. And it would be nice to keep it like that even if we toggel the indexing switches for VM and File data. 



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The good news is that I am in touch with the absolute top product managers and developers for HSX on this requirement.

Once I have an official statement, I’ll let you know!!

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I have an answer @Patrik :

I’m not aware of the recommendation not to install index server on the same MediaAgent.  I expect that that recommendation is around adding IndexServer to an existing MA as if the MA was sized for a particular workload, adding IndexServer will overload it.  But if the MA is being built from scratch and sized accordingly or is HSX; then it should be fine (and recommended) to use that same MA(s) for Index Server

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Preparing to refresh our Environment we have the same question. Documentation doesn’t state anything in regards to additional Workloads that can or cannot be put onto HSX. Just because something works doesn’t mean it is supported or will still work after the next update.

Are there plans to Document which Packages can be added to HSX and what Features and Feature Combinations are supported on this Platform?

Reaching a bit, when the IndexStore deployed for VSA FileIndexing would also be used for other Activate Indexes and may also be used for HybridFileStore the HSX Node might be brought to it’s knees (assuming it still deploys only on the first Node of a given Pool and doesn’t implement scale out or other resiliency features in HSX context).