Restoration of PAAS DB instance on OCI

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Hello Team,

We have recently configured Commvault metallic with OCI one of the Oracle Instance where it is running on PAAS environment.

The backup is going fine now we need to test it from backup.

Please let us know in place restore of instance / DB to OCI.

And one more that what kind of restore level possible to PAAS environment.

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Hi @AnandK , 


I checked the details and As I understand you would like to do test restore for the Oracle PAAS setup. 
We do have an article for Oracle PaaS Restore on Commvault Doc. Please refer the below for best practice:

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Hi @Pratik,

Thanks for your update.

I have seen the another document from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure backups (OCI), you can restore guest files or full instances.

Full instance restores require the target instance and the access node to be located in the same region and the same AD.


I am not sure, is this correct process of the restoration.