AWS - Commvault Restricting Instances by IP Range

  • 2 February 2023
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Hi, We are new with AWS - Commvault installation.  The designed VPC architecture and our CV configuration is as such:

CV = 11.28.36

We have 1 COMSERVE serving 6 different VPCs.  Each VPC has it’s on Media Agent and S3 bucket.  However, in 1 VPC there are 2 accounts, each account has it’s on MA and S3 bucket.  We are finding that VM discoveries from each MA is discovering VMs associate with the other account.  These accounts are divided by subnet ranges.

We tried to limit the discovery of the VM’s in the Client Group by choosing the following CIDR filter parameter:  “Client IPV4 CIDR is,19”.

This only yielded the EC2’s that have CV integration, ie Media agent, cassandra, etc. 

Is there a way to limited the VM’s discovered by IP address ranges?





2 replies

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Yes this option is only for clients with software installed, not agentless VMs.

How are you discovering the instances for backup with the VSA configuration? Is tags an option?

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Thanks Damian.  Discovering comes from the Media Agent which confuses me why it always see both accounts - lets call them PET and QAT.  I do think tagging is available but never used it.  When I go into AWS and look at the VPC, I see the 2 different accounts with the IP ranges + i do think I see a tag is put in each Instance.  Is there a good doc on how to setup tagging?