Backup to Seperate Tape media

  • 11 July 2024
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I have 2 IBM tape drives i want to backup to seperate tape media 
for example, 

Monday full  backup to  Media 1 
Tuesday full  backup to media 2 
Wednesday full  backup to media 3 
And I want this cycle to go like this. 
all monday backups to media  1   all tuesday backups to media 2  and so on
Is it possible to take tape backup  like this

1 reply

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Hello @BillyBoo 

Unfortunately it is not possible to automatic this behavior. You can have different drive pools which use separate scratch pools, but you cannot force a specific backup to use a specific tape base on a specific day of the week. You could potentially load the desired media manually but we still may get some cross-over due to indexing. 


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