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  • 18 May 2021
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We have a client that the software was uninstalled, the Commvault folder remains.

I am performing a reinstall of Commvault software but before that.

 I changed my client name to 0001_old and clicked ok and pushed the network configuration


The client name reverted back to the original client name  0001

Question: is it normal for the client name to revert back to the original name when doing a push network configuration.





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3 replies

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Hey @gary mcneely,

Certainly not normal. But I have a hunch.

When the client is offline (which I assume is the case?), if you change the client time the UI will take a while to detect that it's offline and unable to set the name, and then will ask you if you want to logically update it (i.e only the database, since the client is uncontactable.). I suspect maybe that popup is not occurring for whatever reason and the setting isn't being applied.

So maybe change the client name, wait 2 or 3 minutes and it should ask to accept the database change. from that point you likely need to reinstall the client (since there will be a mismatch between the database and the client)

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This is for another client that I recently changed both the client and display name

We performed a successful backup since changing the client and display name.

Question: If I change both the display name and client name back to the original name will the check readiness work fail ? Which one can I change and not affect communications between the client CommCell and media agent ?



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Hello @gary mcneely Check readiness and other Commvault communications use the Hostname configured in the GUI.  The configured client name once changed can cause issues if it is not properly updated in the client registry after the change is performed.  If the client is online and accessible then it should update the Client name change in the Client Registry without issues.  Changing the Display name will not cause any issues with communications since this is only used in the Commvault GUI.