CommServe Windows 2012R2 support

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Hi all,


I have a question about the OS requirements for the CommServe.


Windows 2012(R2) is not listed anymore, so I suppose it is not supported anymore for the CommServe.


However, the note directly above the table says “The Commvault software fully supports the most recent version of an operating system, until the vendor ends support.”. Windows 2012R2 is Supported by Microsoft until October 10, 2023.


So, is Windows 2012R2 still supported for the CommServe, or not?

And if not, why does the note suggest it is?


Thanks for clarifying. :-)


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Hi @Patrick Dijkgraaf ,


As long as MS supports Windows 2012, Commvault supports it.  However installing Windows 2012 for new deployments (and existing Commserve lifecycles) is not recommended.  It is simply because Windows 2012 EOL is around the corner and it won’t support MS SQL 2019. Please note that MS SQL 2019 will be installed by default with new Commserve installation.


Please refer to below for list of deprecated platforms

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To elaborate, similar to what @MNRunner mentioned


Many of our customers running windows 2012 are also still running SQL 2012 enterprise which was inherited from V10 installs. Support for SQL 2012 expires in July. The current installer for Commvault tries to deploy SQL 2019 which is not supported on 2012 and will fail the install.

We’re working on some installer changes to deploy SQL 2016 on windows 2012 automatically during CS install - but a reinstall of the software is needed to move away from SQL 2012 because there is no migration path from SQL enterprise to SQL standard.

More to come soon - but just giving a heads up since it is somewhat related.

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OK, thanks! So it is safe to update an existing deployment on Windows 2012R2 (running SQL 2014 or 2016) to the latest Feature Release (FR26), then? Even though Windows 2012R2 is not listed in BOL?

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@Patrick Dijkgraaf Yes, it is still supported and it will most likely work out fine. However while the date is nearing with only 12+ months remaining, I really think you should start making plans to upgrade to a more recent version. By now Commvault engineering dropped  Windows 2012 R2 as part of their intensive Q&A testing as they have shifted to more recent versions.

Anyway even though it might be supported I think the more important question would be to understand if development is still using Windows 2012 R2 as part of their Q&A. If not than I would strongly recommend upgrading the OS asap, because although supported the chance of running into issues will be much higher. 

Hopefully someone from development can give some confirmation around this topic. 



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@Onno van den Berg : Of course normally I would push the customer to upgrade. The thing is, they are in the process of outsourcing their IT and backup as well. So they only want to upgrade the OS if they REALLY need to.