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  • 11 October 2021
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I’m trying to change a cloned report of webreport “Backup Job Summary”.

I’ve cloned it and make some alterations.
Im trying to add default values for the client names in the Input Section,but it fail when report is run with “Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value 'NaN' to data type int.”

I suppose that it’s the client name shown in the dropdown list that I should add but that gives an error.

According to documentation thats really all thats needed.

Anyone know what to put in there?




Best answer by Jagadeesh Nuthakki 11 October 2021, 20:00

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4 replies

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Woops! That was posted in wrong category I guess….

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Hey @Henke , I moved this to Tech Q&A for you (and can move elsewhere if you want, just ask)!

Based on the SQL error, you are trying to use a value to an integer.

I found some stuff on stack overflow:

and this link explains the actual issue better:

With that said, the query wants a number and not a string.  Have you tried replacing that with a client ID?

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Value should be in id’s  instead of names. 

Ex: would be 

It basically depends on the value field mentioned in the input definition as highlighted below.


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@Mike Struening@Jagadeesh Nuthakki Thanks for the clarification.
I guess what put me off was that the default value is “ALL” from the beginning.

I’ve made the change and it’s working.