Decreased Throughput with Qumulo

  • 25 January 2022
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Recently we added Qumulo to our environment and are backing it up.  What I have observed is that since then the throughput on all jobs have significantly decreased. (not sure if related, but who knows)  We are working with Support, but I wanted to see if anyone else may have ran into this issue with Qumulo.    


Job ID 752435 (incremental backup) took over 11 hours to back up 154.41 GB.  Job ID 752486 (full backup) took 7 hours 13 minutes to back up 12.81 TB.

The above jobs do not make sense to me considering their difference is size and the amount of time to back up.  

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you Community!


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7 replies

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We’ve only had one other thread for Qumulo so far, though I’m tagging in the participants to potentially advise:

@Hongmo Kim , @Damian Andre 

I’ll see if we have anyone internally who can advise as well!

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We do have a case open, 220103-374.

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Thanks, though luckily I was able to find it.  I reached out to that team’s manager as well.  We’ll coordinate as many as we can :sunglasses:

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Thank you Mike!

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Hello team,


I was seeking for a right answer for a customer who is going through a lot due to low performance.

And I and partner engineer decided to create a ticket for tech support and analysis.

We’re not sure even if CFT is working or not and no no way to enable the feature.

Anyway Incremental backup took so long time. Something is wrong.

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We already have a case open.  Thank you for offering to do that.  Case # 220103-374.


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Sharing case solution:

Separated the content into multiple subclients. Customer found and resolved some environmental issues, including DNS which did improve the read speeds. Assisted customer with adjusting data readers to improve performance.