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  • 14 June 2021
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Hi guys, I need to do a DR test for the commserve server.

Do I have an option to recover to another server without stopping the services on the production server?

the second question: how can I revert back the services to the main commserve?



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3 replies

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Hi Eldan, 

So you have loads of options depending on how much you actually want to test. 

If you dont want to interupt your production in any way and want to just test the recovery of the commserve you can do this with the DRBackup in a totally isolated environment from you production commserve.

You could take this approach as test backups just reverting is the same process, dr backup and restore it back to your production. 


If you are using live sync to replicate your commserve to standby server for failover then you will need to have a little down time but you then have test groups to verify connectivity etc.. 

Here are the details for planning a failover


Here are the details for planning a live sync setup if you don’t have one


Just remember the Commserve DRBackup is a snapshot in time of the metadata, so stop all jobs or suspend before taking it and you will have less clean up when performing a test. 


Hope this help, let me know if you have further questions. 

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Thank you for your reply,

The first link you referred to says

  1. Stop services on the production CommServe host, if the production CommServe host is available. For more information on stopping services, see Stopping a Service.

Can I restore successfully without stopping the services? (don't want to interrupt my production)

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The instructions are for a full test with bringing up a second commserve that's usable. If you just want to test the recovery of a commserve, do it in an isolated environment and you wont have to stop anything. Like a VM with no nic assigned for example. You can then install the CS, recover the DRBackup to verify. 

If you want to test backups you will need to stop production. 

As a side note, please make sure you DRBackup is configured to a network location (another site preferred) and also a copy to your own cloud or Commvault's cloud. 

In the event of a disaster this is the so important.