Endpoint laptop backup over internet

  • 30 June 2021
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We have endpoint backup around 300 clients, backup is working over the LAN if user in office and  notebook connected to office LAN, but when user is outside of office and notebook connected on internet backup is not working. We want to configured endpoint user backup over internet as well, are are requirements and configuration 






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8 replies


Hi Aju,

Best option here would be to setup Commvault Perimeter Network gateway configuration which will allow laptops to connect from both inside and outside networks. 
Network Gateway in a Perimeter Network: 


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Hi @Ricky Bobby  

Thank you for your response, I have gone through doc and I have query: do we required public FQDN name for Commvault gateway server so client on internet can resolved for connectivity correct?

but if same notebook client connect to inside office network then it will connect to CS or network gateway what about name resolution?

we want it should be transparent to client (notebook) when it connect on internet or in the office backup and restore should work. how we can achieve this name resolution for connectivity ?






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Hi @Ricky Bobby 
The link below should provide the information you are looking for. This walks through setting up a laptop client to be able to connect when inside the network and also while roaming.

Setting up Network Gateway Connections Using Basic Network Settings (


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Hi @Wes Young  

Thanks for response, currently we are doing backup of endpoint clients (notebook) but if notebooks are  connected to our network (inside the company network). But if user is out side of company network like from home or internet  endpoint backup is notworking.

So we will configured Commvault network gateway at DMZ as above response suggested. how endpoint clients which are outside of company network will do name resolution.

Now If clients are connected outside of office (internet), they should connect to DMZ Commvault network gateway correct ? 

But if clients are connected inside office they should connect Commserver instead of DMZ Commvault network gateway. How we can do in this scenario DNS configuration for name resolution 






Hi @Aju 


If clients are connected outside of office (internet), they should connect to DMZ Commvault network gateway correct ?  Yes, with the client firewall  configuration set to “May travel outside of CommServe network” this operation will performed.  The network connection for firewall proxy goes as below. 

  • For clients that connect to the CommServe computer through a proxy:
    1. The clients try to reach the CommServe computer directly, without the use of network routes (outgoing routes are bypassed).
    2. If the CommServe computer cannot be reached, the clients establish a one-way direct route to the CommServe computer.
    3. If a direct route cannot be established, the clients continue to use proxy that was set up during the proxy configuration.

Enabling Roaming on a Client


Setting up Network Gateway Connections Using Basic Network Settings




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Hi @Ricky Bobby  


Thank you for your response, can you help me endpoint backup clients which name (DNS) they use are going to use if they are inside the network or outside (internet) network, it will be CS server name or Commvault gateway name. Do we requirement SSL certificate for name space for CS and endpoint client connectivity 





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Hello @Aju 

It will reach out to DNS over the Gateway name. If this gateway is on the outside, it will require an SSL cert.

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@Dan White @Ricky Bobby  hello we planning to implement laptop backup through backup gateway , we dont need backup over internet ,

what are the ports required from client to gateway and gateway to commserv 


while configuring the laptop package is there way to setup the backup gateway address as default