Error 0x149: User account is locked. Please contact administrator.

  • 29 April 2021
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My user count has been locked after a friend tried to login to my commcell console. I can login to my command centre, but i can’t access the commcell console. How do i go about unlocking the account?. I am the only admin on the account.


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Hello Mubaraq!

I understand you are referring to a local CV account, and not a domain one (in which case, it can be unlocked from AD).

If neither you, nor any of your colleagues have admin access to the system, you will have to wait for the lockout period to expire. The time depends on the value set for the additional setting: AccountLockDuration

I would suggest to double check if you have ‘admin’ password, which is the default local admin for Commvault.

If the lockout time is too long and you are not able to wait, you can open a case with Support and get approval from your Parent Account holder to reset the local admin and login with that user to unlock yours.


Hope that helps!

Best regards

Sarahy Pardo

US-Server Team

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Hello @Mubaraq,

One additional note, we are adding a way to unlock local accounts from the CommCell Console/Command Center in a coming feature release. In the mean time you can use a REST API call to unlock.

Method: PUT

API: /LockedAcccounts

Example JSON payload body:

"user": {
"userId" : 6
"user": {
"userId" : 12

This API accepts only user ID. You can use the following API to get the user ID as needed.

Method: GET

API: /User/byName(userName='johndoe')?level=1

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Thank you, @Tim H:relaxed:

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Hi, @Sarahy…..I waited for the lockout time to elapse. i will definitely try out your other suggestions once i encounter the same problem again. Thank you