Error backup Intellisnap for Oracle

  • 8 March 2021
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When setting backup with intellisnap with Oracle appear "Unable to proceed with rman based snap to tape as catalog has not been specified by the user."


Best answer by Piyush Nagar 17 March 2021, 10:21

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8 replies

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Hey @Diana !  Thanks for joining!

Regarding your error, the DB needs to be registered with a catalog DB and then the connect string for that catalog needs to be configured in the relevant instance properties in the Commvault GUI (source client and proxy). The requirements are here: 

"A recovery catalog database must be used and accessible from RMAN on both the source and proxy client."

Let me know if you have any questions about the documentation.

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In the client and proxy is setting the same Connect String only, because the DB does not has a catalog Connect.


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@Diana , I see you Marked an Answer as correct, though you then Flagged it.

Did this answer your question or do you still have an issue?


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Yes, I have the issue yet.

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Hi @Diana ,

As Mike suggested, the RMAN catalog is a mandatory requirement to be able to do RMAN based tape copy. This is needed because we need to update the RMAN catalog used by the source Oracle instance when the RMAN backup is done during tape copy.

If you don’t have the RMAN catalog available, can you consider using the File System based backup copy?




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Thank you for you answer. 



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Hi Sunil, 

I have the client with Oracle ASM database, the proxy is the same SO with Oracle database and I put the connect string only.  I tried setting with File System based backup copy but in the documentation say: 

The disadvantages include:

  • Oracle ASM databases are not supported for File System backup copy.

So, are there another way for this backup-copy with intellisnap and a proxy server?


Hi ,


ASM supports only Rman based backup copy as mentioned in documentation. Rman backup copy using proxy requires a dedicated db instance on proxy with the same name as Production/source db. Recovery Catalog with source database registered is must and mandatory requirement. Recovery catalog should be accessible from source and proxy machine.

Using dedicated proxy during rman backup copy --> because we mount database on proxy using snapshot control file and unmount once backup completes,  there is no way to register/catalog backuppieces/Full and incremental backups without having recovery catalog. You can create a separate dedicated instance for recovery catalog with source oracle database registered that also serves long term retention of backup pieces in recovery catalog.

Possible Combinations with rman based backup copy you can get :


  1. Using source as proxy without catalog (sRMANDATAFILECOPY default) -->Only Full backup possible:
  2. Using source as proxy with catalog  (sRMANDATAFILECOPY default) --> Only Full backup possible:
  3. Using different proxy <catalog is must> . Rman Full and incremental backup copy is supported