Errors around MA in 11.32.43 version.

  • 30 April 2024
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Hi All,

Post upgrading CV to 11.32.43 we are frequently seeing below error. Please let me know if there is a fix for it.


Error occurred while processing chunk [] in media [], at the time of error in library [SQL_Prod_Catalyst_Log_B003_SRC] and mount path [ CV_SQL_Prod_Log_SRC], for storage policy [SQL_Prod_Tier1_Logs] copy [SecCopy_P002_New] MediaAgent []: Backup Job []. Target Media encountered error.


Error Code: [13:244]
Description: [Media write operation failure] [HP-StoreOnce media] [Error writing to the media.]


Once backup reinitiated backup gets completed.

3 replies

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Hello @Aishwarya B Pillai 

That message is very generic stating “something happened when trying to write the data”. You can check CVD.log on the MediaAgent being used to see what the issue was but as you noted, it resolved itself so I would believe the issue was a temporary environmental issue.


Thank you,

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Hi @Collin Harper 


Thank you for the response but we see this error coming in most of the time post CV upgrade and it gets auto resolved automatically. We did not come across such errors prior to upgrade. As of now we do not see any backup failures due to this but we keep getting occurrences of these alerts everyday.


We are seeing the same thing post upgrade to 11.32. We’ve been seeing it on aux copies we make to our immutable storage. we will get those messages and the aux copy will just hang at some point. sometimes we can suspend and resume an aux copy to get it to complete. sometimes we have to kill and restart the aux copy to get it to complete or at least complete with errors instead of just hanging. We have a case open and are currently awaiting further direction on the issue.