IAAS MSP and plans for VSA backups

  • 2 February 2021
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Any smart ideas on how an MSP could delegate Plan choice on a per VM / DB / FS / etc..  level?    E.g.  have customer choose the right Bronze/Silver/Gold plan for VM’s, databases, etc.

Command center obviously has the functionality to assign plans, but… it involves dealing with creating individual subclients first etc, since that today is where you can apply a plan to.


In my situation, the IAAS infrastructure is shared, and data is organized into subclients from an infrastructure point of view (datastore, cluster, resource pools, etc).    This infrastructure is shared across different customres.

Customers don’t have access to the hypervisor/subclients on CommVault for obvious reasons.


Creating subclients per VM (by the MSP), just so that you could assign an individual plan to is obviously not the right way to go. (scalability, performance, scheduling, burden/overhead on the clients & infra).

Looking forward to any suggestions anyone might have in this area.


I’m waiting for the day when an IAAS customer would just be able to change a plan to a specific VM/DB/FS - through Command Center - without having the knowledge or need to deal with subclients… like with some other competing products in the market.


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Hi Renaat,

At the moment Plans aren’t able to do this as plans are like storage policies in the Commserve GUI.


This is mimicking the behaviour of the Commserve GUI.  There would have to be major code changes to implement this new behaviour.


But if there is demand for this type of behaviour from other MSP’s then i don’t see why it can’t be implemented into the product.


Best to log a case with support and get development’s perspective here.






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For VMs use VM groups Bronze/Silver/Gold, and the users can swap their VMs across their respective VM groups, via “manage plans”.  Companies or permissions can be used for isolation

I’m not sure how you carve up DBs on your servers (individual instance per tenant) but the same type of scenario can apply.  Apply security permissions on the instance level so the user can only see their DBs, and allow them to manage plan on the DB level