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  • 13 March 2021
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I try to restore folder from Synthetic full backup which was successfully completed. When you try to brows message shows  Red circle with cross “The Index cannot be accessed. Try again later. If the issue persists, contact support” using V11.20.36 recently updated.

Any idea/ solution appreciate.


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5 replies

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@Harris hard to pin down that is really happening with that as the only information but I will try to share a few things;

1- Check the status of your Index Directory on your media agent. Make sure data is available and the Index Directory is not full.

2- It could also be that the index was cleaned and the restore has to be done from the media in which you are trying to restore that data from (perhaps tape)

3- When you see the job you want to restore, make sure that job is a stored on media that can be retrieved. For example, right click on the job and view media, that should tell if the job is located on disk or tape.

4- When browsing a job, make sure to select the Copy Precedence and select the Disk copy so that you know it is available rather than a tape copy for example. OR try to browse from the storage policy level and select the Disk Storage Policy, if that still shows the same message, check item #1.


As you can see there are many ways to get that done, we just need to further understand how you are doing it and go from there. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Let us know.


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Thanks for Reply. Here is answer of questions.

  1. Index directory is fine
  2. Restoring form Disk Library
  3. Space is available for Index

Anyways now issue resolved by itself. But i want dig bit more why it was ? may be index & MA server was busy?

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Click at your CommServe - > View → Job History → Select Data Recovery Operations and Uncheck Time Range and click ok. Once the Recovery Jobs show, filter by Operation and Filter by Index Restore, see if there was a Index restore right around the same time.

I believe that nothing is wrong other than the CommServe having to restore the index for that job that was not present in your media agent.



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I performed all motioned steps. List shows all successful restored jobs . May be synthetic job was just finished when I was running the restore job and index was not available at that time.

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Right, glad it worked. Let us know if you have question.