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Hi all,


I just generated two Infrastructure load reports, one for 24 hours and one for a month.

While the 24 hours report is giving me a less than 30% CPU usage for most of our mediaagents, the one month report goes up to 70% CPU utilization.

In particular, when comparing the last day on the ONE MONTH report with the complete 24 HOUR one, they do not match. I would expect to see an average of the 24 hour usage as the last value in the month report, but I am rather seeing the highest value in those 24 hours being reported in the last day of the month report.

Is this correct? Does the one month graph reports only the highest utilization values of each day? (instead of an average of the usage through each day)


please advise.




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Hey @Sergio V,

We might need a support case on this one so that we have all the details to see what you are seeing.

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Mmmmm that is pretty odd! Sounds like a bug to me, so indeed open a ticket. I'm b.t.w. still puzzled this information is only available by creating a report. Might be time to move this kind of information to a dashboard on global level or component level.