Is there a list of the meaning of commcell console client icons?

  • 10 December 2021
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I’m looking for a document explaining the meaning of Commcell client icons since I’m installing the FileSystem agent as restore-only in two clients in my infrastructure and one of them appears in the list with a penguin icon greyed out with a green arrow pointing downward in the top left corner of the icon, while the other only with the penguin icon greyed out.

I was guessing what was the difference between them and if there was a list explaining the icons in commcell console.



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2 replies

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Hi @Alessandro 

There is a list of icons shown in the Commcell Console, I’ll add some references to other pages that explain icons throughout the console:

CommCell Console Icons - Quick Reference

Activity Control CommCell Browser Icons

Identifying Media Icons

Content Store Email Viewer Notification Icons


For your specific examples:

Greyed out Penguin is a deconfigured Linux client, with the green arrow representing restore-only capability.


Client Computers

Linux Client Computer: Uninstalled or deconfigured



Client Computers

Client Computer with Restore-Only capability





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Hello @Stuart Painter, this is great!

I already found all the above pages but the first one that was the one with the exact info I needed!

That opens the door to another question for my environment but I’ll ask it in another thread as this question is successfully answered!

Thanks again!